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About the Duala language

Duala is a language in Southern Cameroon also known as Diwala, Douala, Dualla, Dwala, Dwela or Sawa. It is spoken by 87,700 people in the
Littoral region: Moungo division, Dibombari area; Nkam division, toward Yabassi town along Wouri river; Wouri division, Cameroon estuary area; South West region: Fako division, both sides of Mungo river.

Duala is the most widely spoken language in the largest city in Cameroon. It is used in all domains (church, market, business and media). There are a number of centers which teach Duala. It became a LWC due to its size and location. It has been used in the church for over a century.

It has dialects namely Bodiman, Mungo (Mongo, Mungu, Muungo), Oli (Ewodi, Koli, Ouri, Uli, Wouri, Wuri), Pongo. And it elated to Malimba.

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